Organic Wines

“Made from organic grapes” means exactly that: the grapes were farmed organically, which typically requires a certification. (Many winemakers, however, use organic but uncertified grapes—their grapes are farmed using organic practices, but they do not go through the process of certification.) Organic wine isn’t the same thing as organic grapes: an organic wine certification also covers cellar practices, notably almost zero use of sulfur dioxide as a preservative. Biodynamic farming is even more particular in its requirements and can be “certified by organizations like Demeter and Biodyvin, although a growing number of winemakers use biodynamic practices but eschew certification. Certified biodynamic wines are governed by strict rules in the cellar—for example, no use of technical methods to reduce alcohol levels.“Sustainable” doesn’t mean a whole lot, although it can in a few cases; Groups like the Salmon Safe environmental coalition ask members to adhere to rigid sustainability practices.”

Excerpt From
The New Wine Rules
Jon Bonne


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