Etienne Sandrin Beauregard Blanc de Noir Extra Brut NV

  • $ 115.99


Tags: Champagne, France, Grower Champagne, Natural, Organic, Organic Wine, Pinot Noir, Sparkling Wine

Region: Champagne, France
Appellation: Champagne
Type/Style: Sparkling Wine
Grapes: Pinot Noir

Etienne describes the wine beautifully: "The whole description of the wine is contained in this name "Beauregard": A beautiful look is at once gentle, subtle, delicate, without frills, without mascara. In short, its natural beauty is sufficient unto itself. Beauregard has this in its genes and especially in its soil.

We are on the first subsidence of the Upper Kimmeridgian, directly under the Portlandien, whose rock is found in the upper part of the plot. In other words, we are on "pebbles" with white clay and a not very deep soil. So the wine immediately becomes more discreet, fine and subtle.

The Pinots Noirs of Beauregard then give a delicate fruit, like cherry or currant or even raspberry. Being on the north side, we also get a lot of freshness. In short, it is again a whole new flavor, in the range of "Parcellaires" of Sandrin champagnes.


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