Phelan Farm Autrement 2021

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Tags: California, Gamay, Mondeuse, Natural, Organic, Organic Wine, Pinot Noir, Red Wine, United States

Region: California, United States
Appellation: San Luis Obispo County (Central Coast)
Color/Style: Red Wine
Grapes:  Pinot Noir, Gamay, and Mondeuse

"A Jura inspired blend of Pinot Noir (50%), Gamay (25%) and Mondeuse (25%).

When I first tasted Jacques Maillet’s “Autrement” in Paris years ago, it spoke to me loud and clear of the Savoie’s rolling hills, the purity of chemical-free grapes, and the winemaker’s light hand. I have deep respect for Jacques’ dedication to working “Autrement” (translated: “in another way”) in a very tradition-bound region well before biodynamics and low-intervention winemaking were fashionable. He retired in 2016, but his red blend of Mondeuse, Gamay, and Pinot Noir is now made in the same fashion by Florian and Marie Curtet. Humbly, I reached out to Florian and Marie to ask permission to use the “Autrement” name for my own blend of these grapes. I’m honored that they agreed.

My Autrement is, of course, different from Maillet’s—climate, soil, vine age, and more see to that. But I’m pleased to honor the spirit of the original and think often of Maillet, as we are truly forging new territory in the Central Coast. Gamay and Pinot Noir provide alluring verve, grace, and brightness, while Mondeuse adds an earthy, savory tone that hints at a deeper fascination.

Maillet’s practices allowed the spark of life to breathe through his wines, and our regenerative farming and minimal intervention bring similar vibrance and immediacy to this wine." - Rajat Parr


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