POE Wines Sparkling Rose Sonoma County 2015

  • $ 48.99


Tags: California, California sparkling, Organic Wine, Sonoma County, Sparkling Rose, Thanksgiving, United States
Samantha Sheehan founded POE in 2009 after being inspired by the wines she tasted in Burgundy and Champagne. If the goal was not to replicate Burgundy, but rather to create alluring, vineyard specific, age-worthy wines revealing California's beautiful terroir, Samantha hit nail on the head. Her single vineyard Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier have the structure and elegance of their French counterparts but with a sunny disposition that hints at their provenance. The sites Samantha uses are all rather cold for California and she quickly realized that they were perfect for making elegant sparkling wines. Today she makes world class bubbles, Californian Cremant.


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