Vignai Da Duline Malvasia Chioma Integrale 2016

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Tags: Friuli, Italian white, Italy, Malvasia, Natural, Organic Wine, White Wine
The name of this lovely wine highlights the Duline philosophy: “No trimming of the shoots!” This applies to viticoltore Lorenzo Mochiutti’s hair and beard as well as to his vineyards. Suffice it to say that this is one of Duline’s many secrets to success. Malvasia Istriana is a form of the Malvasia grape that is native to the Istrian Peninsula, and it produces deliciously complex white wines that are a far cry from other Malvasia produced in central Italy. Aromatically exuberant, creamy and full, bright and energetic on the finish, this is a seductive apéritif and an excellent seafood white.


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